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// There's beauty in the blank slate. //

Whenever I start a new project, whether it be a residential interior or hotel concept; I love getting inspiration from old sketch books. I have kept these leather moleskines for years, capturing new & intriguing ideas. You'd be surprised what everyday details around you may spark a creative moment. For instance, the herringbone pattern in an old stone sidewalk, the bright bold colors of a floral bouquet, or the simple silouettes of a black + white photo. Whatever it is that catches your eye >> write it down or snap a photo.

Those unexpected details might be the key to kick starting your next design project! There's beauty in the blank slate. Embrace the opportunity to stretch your imagination! #thestudioltd #detroithome #detroitdesign #designinspiration #moleskines #interiordesign #interiorarchitect

moleskine leather sketchbooks

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