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// It's pretty clear...Lucite is everything. //

In architecture, we often find those little niches or corners, that perfectly accentuate the geometry and structure of a building. But, what to do with such small, undefined spaces? The answer is clear >>Lucite. It's stunning, unexpected, and comes in a variety of forms. The inherent transparency of this material allows for the natural beauty of a space to shine, but also offers a pop of creativity that draws the eye. Pair this with a classic matte metal piece (like this bar cart by Threshold for Target) and you've given an otherwise functionless corner, a purpose.

Here, I've used this space to accent our collection of wine decanters (which double nicely as vases!). And the hammered silver party tub is a stylish vessel for my #metropolis magazine obsession. #thestudioltd #detroitdesign #detroithome #interiordesign #interiorarchitect #lucite #designinspiration #stagingdesign


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